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Hi! Welcome to the Foresight Wiki!

My name is Dan Grosu. I am one of the founding fathers of the Foresight Wiki, for which I have developed the Concept, System Requirements, Policies & Guidelines, and initial content. And now I am a member of the FORwiki Community. I am also sitting in the Committee for Arbitration, together with Philine Warnke, and Ozcan Saritas.

Dan Grosu
Born Bucharest
Education University of Bucharest
Known for the methodology of the Romanian Foresight Exercise for the R&D Sector
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Foresight Exercises

Most of my practical work in Foresight was done during the National Foresight Exercise for the R&D Sector from Romania. Employed as Senior Expert (Expert 1A in the Romanian taxonomy of professions) my responsibilities were to develop the methodology of the foresight exercise, and to be the raporteur of the expert group that translated the outputs of the foresight exercise into public policy.

Foresight Papers

Papers in international peer reviewed journals

  • Translating Foresight in Romania, "International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy" Special Issue, 2010 (in preparation)
  • Technology Foresight in a Power-oriented strategy for change: Conclusions after the Romanian Technology Foresight Exercise “Futura” (Finland) no. 2/2007 pg. 52 – 67, – together with Curaj A.

Papers in Romanian journals

  • Why Roadmaps Fail? An Analysis of the EU – Russia Roadmapping Process “Millennium”, no. 1/2007
  • Developing Strategic Visions in Foresight Exercises (in Romanian) “Economic Analysis and Prospective”, 1/2006 – together with Curaj A.
  • Foresight: the Romanian case study “Scientific Bulletin of the Land Forces Military Academy” 3/2005
  • An Analysis of the Quality of Romanian Scientific Journals (in Romanian) “Science Policy and Scientometrics Journal” 3/2005
  • Methods and Procedures for Developing the National Strategy in R&D (in Romanian) 2004 “Science Policy and Scientometrics Journal” 4/2004 – together with Nica P. at all


  • Fundamentals of Foresight (in Romanian) 2008 Romanian Academy Center for Foresight and Project Management
  • A Systemic Approach to Knowledge Society Foresight (in Romanian) in Rosca Ghe. (ed.) 2006 „The Knowledge Economy”, ASE Publishing House – together with Curaj A.
  • Alternative Solutions for Developing a Foresight Exercise in Science and Technology in Romania (in Romanian) in Nica P. (ed.) 2005 “Methodology and Procedures for defining Strategic Objectives and Priorities for the period of time 2007 – 2013”, “Economica” Publishing House – together with Curaj A.
  • Educational Projects’ Management (in Romanian) in Istrate O. (ed.) 2004 “Communities in motion: programmes and social intervention”, Agata Publishing House
  • Management of Educational Projects for Children with Disabilities (in Romanian) in 2003 “The Development of Educational Projects in Special Schools”, Agata Publishing House


  • Convergence Issues in Romanian Foresight, „The Second Policy Conference: A Dialogue between Policy-Makers and Foresight Practitioners - Ways to European Future” Science Academy of the Czech Republic, Prague 2006
  • Designing Technology Foresight within the Science – Society Dialogue. The Romanian Case Study „Changing Foresight Practice in Regional Development - Global Pressures and Regional Possibilities”, University of Turku, Finland, 2006 – together with Curaj A.
  • Foresight in Organizations of a Knowledge Society, „Pro-learn” Conference, Romanian Academy, Bucharest 2005 – together with Ioniţă A
  • Project-based National Foresight Exercises Management, “Management of Technological Change”, University of Chania, Greece, 2005 – together with Curaj A.
  • Developing the Tutor Interface for the e-Learning Solution UniSMART, “First National Human-Computer Interaction”, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest 2004 – together with Niculescu C., Marhan A.
  • Managing E-Learning Content with uniSMART System, ICL 2004 Conference, Wienne, Austria, 2004 - together with Niculescu C., Marhan A.
  • Educational Structures for ICT Training, “Qualifications and Training in ICT”, “Ovidius” University, 2002

Rapid Bucharest FC

I've been a fan of Rapid Bucharest Football Club since I was five. You might say it is silly. In my defense, the British ambassador to Romania, Mr. Robin Barnett, has also become a fan of our club (while still a long time supporter of Manchester United).

How do you feel about a foresight exercise entitled "The Future of Football in Europe"?


Feel free to contact me at dan.grosu.08(at) .

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